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In sanskrit it means "one loved by God",
"beloved to God"
Priya(in sanskrit it means beloved)
Ish(in sanskrit it means God)
He fell from 100th floor but he is safe, I think priyesh(God loves him).
by qwertyuiopriyesh April 02, 2009
priyesh is brilliant, therefore anything relating to priyesh is generally good, in some circles a priyesh is considered royal.
" ah do you know what that reminds me of?"



"oh yeah"
by Peter Petrelli December 02, 2006
person who runs or walks like a penguin

priyesh is also known as a " penguin chood " in the punjabi dictionary
" wow that guy runs like priyesh "
" ha ha what a weirdo "
by walia September 05, 2007
refers to a somalian or a jew
urrrrrghhhhh a priyesh
by noone92840192u3401238 September 25, 2006