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Common klen word for fucker
That guy never gets a round in - what a chood!
by Patellio March 04, 2004
Expresses positive feeling verbally.
"dude, i went up to video game depot yesterday and picked up wind waker."
by Chainsaw Dudley March 31, 2003
Pronounced "chude"

From the words "chick" and "dude"

When it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a male and a female. The more one looks the harder to determine the sex of the subject.

Synonym: Shim from the words "she" and "him"
Origins: "Hey man check out the chick ahhh wait its a dude well maybe a "Chood."
by VGSShazbot November 24, 2006
cheap, good food, as in inexpensive, value-menu item
Taco Bell is chood, at least it is when your hungry and have limited funds.
by dorisdela December 06, 2005
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