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priyesh is brilliant, therefore anything relating to priyesh is generally good, in some circles a priyesh is considered royal.
" ah do you know what that reminds me of?"



"oh yeah"
by Peter Petrelli December 02, 2006
In sanskrit it means "one loved by God",
"beloved to God"
Priya(in sanskrit it means beloved)
Ish(in sanskrit it means God)
He fell from 100th floor but he is safe, I think priyesh(God loves him).
by qwertyuiopriyesh April 02, 2009
person who runs or walks like a penguin

priyesh is also known as a " penguin chood " in the punjabi dictionary
" wow that guy runs like priyesh "
" ha ha what a weirdo "
by walia September 05, 2007
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