A free and effective way to increase anus size.
Jimmy wanted to have a larger anus for his partner so he decided to go to prison.
by Jimmy101010101 May 08, 2010
the only rent free,tax free and free food shelter in the world
Im tired of paying taxes i think i will go to prison and get tattoos and watch football instead.
by Donkster June 13, 2008
State pen, where the condemned prisoners are serving life in prison or gotten the death penalty. Not a nice place to go.
Oswald State Prison or Oz, is really fictional prison, they just sugar-coat about what prison life is really like.
by Saints September 18, 2003
Day care for adult black people.
When black people become too old for day care, they go to prison.
by hi444 January 15, 2009
A place where people who "didn't do it" discover what they are willing to do when devoid of female contact.
When is it my turn to use the hole in the wall of the prison?
by krazykorean69 January 04, 2010
High School. Plain and Simple.
by BRANDONEVANS August 13, 2008
The place you go to for doing just about anything fun.
Guy #1: "Hey did you hear Bob is in prison?"
Guy #2: "No. What happened?"
Guy #1: "He got drunk, went up to a cop's house and knocked on the front door, and pissed on the cop when he opened the door."
by #1 Sicilian February 17, 2010

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