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An adjective used to describe things that are very stylish, and/or good and is the fashionable version of cool.
Oh wow! That girl Missy's shoes are so prishaaa!
by prishest.of.them.alll January 19, 2009
A nice female who loves the thrill of truth or dare. She has a lot of knowledge about life in general. Loves muffins.
How did Prisha ace that quiz?
by JumpyBurger9 January 13, 2015
a really kind person, kind of bipolar. Has a very short temper but can be very sweet if she wants to. she is a thinker! she thinks alot! she loves making other people happy! she is kind of possessive and bossy! but she is very loving at the same time.
Girl1: hey did you talk to her?
girl2: i did! she is so nice ..such a prisha!

Boy1:i think i love her..she is just like a prisha i always wanted!

girlfriend(of boy1): it's okay to break up sweetie i like her personality too!
by sylviaglitter December 16, 2013
1. A prisha is the ultimate crybaby. The epitome of diva. A pain in the ass; brat, attention seeker; temper-tantrum queen.
2. The worst insulting name you could ever call someone
She's a prisha don't talk to her
When the lady got mad, she prisha'd out of the room.
Don't be a prisha and get mad for no reason.
by TASASA November 25, 2013

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