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Kick-ass character in Star Wars, who talked like a guy but had a brother, Luke Skywalker who talked like a girl.
Princess Leia could kick your ass any day of the week.
by JediMasterRebekah June 17, 2005
A girl who gives wet kisses to her brother for luck.
Angelina Jolie was going all Princess Leia on her brother at the Oscars.
by Martin Writer April 29, 2007
The manliest member of the Skywalker family
Anakin: Padméééééééé! Noooooooo...
Luke: Daddyyyyy, why are you so mean??

Sidious: *sigh* I should've taken Princess Leia as my apprentice...
by DarthRevan999 August 18, 2011
a girl that just lies on her back while you make sweet hard lovin' to her, usually a virgin, or just a girl who's bad in the sack.
"...hey man how did it go last night with that girl?"
"..ahhhh man she was a princess leia!"
by Aaron Thomas August 13, 2007

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