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When a woman is wearing a swimming costume and you can see subtle, or not-so subtle fat rolls.
Fwoah!! Shaved Ham!! E-Ewww....
by seedy March 22, 2003
When one partner is getting high while fucking and when he finishes the blunt he shoves it up the partners asshole.
I gave yo' bitch some smoked ham
#smoked #ham #alabama #hot #pocket #smokehemm420
by imtehfallout March 12, 2015
When a ham is under the influence of marijuana
look at that smoked ham, he looks like a fat-devil
by big pun March 11, 2003
A half black half white kid.
Looks like Jodi and Jerome are going to have a smoked ham for Christmas.
#oreo #half and half #fruit stripe #hairless chimp #organ grinder
by Stuckinher September 26, 2011
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