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1. a feeling of greatness/superiority based on one's origin, often said randomly, ocassionally followed by some sort of secret handshake and/or high five

asian pride, jew pride
Person 1: hey so tell me bout yourself
Person2: well man, im 16 i like hangin wit my homies JEW PRIDE and sometimes JEW PRIDE i do my homework JEW PRIDE
Person 1: uhhhhh, gotta go.way too much pride for me to handle!
by shadow August 18, 2004
84 83
A feeling of pleasure associated with admirable possessions
The man had great pride for his Hungarian Nuts.
by NutMan July 28, 2013
4 6
Something that gay people have and you don't.
Gay Person 1: Are you going to pride?
Gay Person 2: Who doesn't go to pride?
Random straight guy: Me?

*Gay Person 1 and 2 silently laugh*
by TooFabulous July 20, 2011
9 13
A large pack of cougars surrounding a young male
Young guy 1: "I'm stuck in Reno in the middle of a pride right now"

Young guy 2: "A pride?"

Young guy 1: "A pack of cougars"
by Illegitimate kids in Compton October 12, 2009
5 10
A term used when one drunkenly attempts to text the word "prude". Thus causing the receiver of the text message to feel a sense of morals and respect instead of the feeling of resentment toward the drunken individual.
Dan: you're a pride
Nina: o thank you?
Dan: Prude*
Nina: F*ck you!
by irishgirl288 September 17, 2009
26 31
Gay and Lesbian Pride. In particular, the celebrations that happen every year commemorating the Stonewall Riots, that usually involve a parade and/or festival.
Robert danced with his husband Phillip at pride.

"Are you going to pride this Saturday?"
"No, I have to work. My boss is a homophobic breeder, and says I can't."
by Homolicious August 07, 2006
31 36
To quote Ayn Rand:

"Pride is the recognition of the fact that you are your own highest value and, like all of man’s values, it has to be earned."
Uh..example? What? Why must I provide an example?
by A equals A April 11, 2005
45 50