cost alot or more then I can i afford
That chair is pricey
by Terry June 14, 2004
(Scornful, derogatory.) Of or referring to something being used by its owner/wearer to make him look wealthy. Excessively pretentious.
He makes less than I do, but he's all arrogant now that he got this pricey used Camry.
by Shaviv June 14, 2004
expensive. and extension of price into an adjective that means something of value or high worth
I want a Rolex but it's too pricey for me right now.
by Mandolin June 18, 2004
A Tutor That Is God Like, Always Gives U Extra Time on Assignments Ect.
Weheyy!! Pricey! U Legend!
by Ty MoFuckaaaaa November 27, 2007
when somethin seems expensive 2 u, when u wanna b a jew an not pay 4 summat way out of ur cost
"dont that seem a bit pricey"
by spider June 17, 2004

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