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1) Possible the most attractive beings on this planet.

2) One who is always up for a laugh and having fun.

3) Someone with eyes you can't help but stare into, and get lost forever.
1) -Wow!! Check her out!!

-I know, obviously a Marlow.

2) -Check out that Marlow, she looks like shes having a whale of a time.

3) -I looked into her beautiful eyes and lost track of time, shes such a Marlow.
by jackyboy898 July 01, 2009
A Super Sexy Dreadhead that goes to the Casino alot and drinks at least 2 beers a day to satisfy himself but only after he smokes a blunt will he be truly satisfied!
I think im going to do a Marlow today, just keep it lit and get drunk.
by DictionaryQueenRedd September 24, 2014
to choke, especially prevalent at the denouement of a sporting or schweffing occasion.
Lewis Hamilton marlowed big time in the last race of the F1 season, thus costing him the title.
by Putton December 09, 2007
A person who is so inscure around the opposite sex they begin to act like an ass.
When Kiki entered the room Ryan started acting like a marlow.
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
office theft, such as the act of stealing memory and/or other computer parts from your co-workers computers. The lowest form of cube larceny.
Shit, my computer was marlowed. Somebody swiped my memory.
by RayJr January 27, 2006

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