a chavvy style boy. who stand outside mcdonalds on a saturday with all their girls and 'mandems'

appearance: they wear hot pink or bright coloured cardigans with the two-tone tops from topman that have 3 buttons down and their g-star jeans that have a huge 96 printed on the back. they also wear pumps and dye them to match with their tacky cardigans. they wear multicoloured rosary beads and style their hair with dax wax gelling a little fringe to their face and spiking the rest up so its the height of a giant
'look at those pretty boys outside maccies!'
by indiecindielovesmcfly February 20, 2009
a guy (doesn't have to be young) who cares about his appearance, looks, and image. he might wear expensive clothes, jewlery, or style his hair. basically he wants to look good as much as possible.

IS NOT A METROSEXUAL. two different things. a metrosexual is related to embracing the gay culture. a pretty boy would punch you in the face if you said anything like that to him and might even hate gay men.
pretty boys: jonny depp, vin diesel, timberlake, will smith
by somone February 25, 2005
a guy who thinks they are above everyone else; a guy who pretends to be a ladies man but really has zero swag
Just because he thinks he is a PrettyBoy he can get all the girls.

It is a common belief that PrettyBoy is metrosexual.
by haterade-lover December 18, 2010
another word for metrosexual

metrosexual is just another word for queer

nowadays, pretty boys are chunties
this pretty boy is a queer
by !#@!%#!#@ December 06, 2009
In prison, usually a weak young white male who is in the max joint for the first time. Other, more established inmates turn him into their sex slave for various reasons. Mainly because he is white and weak.
damn! T Bone done turn that pretty boy into his punk. Wish I could git a biatch like that!
by Boss February 29, 2004
A fuckin prep who gels his hair, shaves his whole body except for the hair on his head and eyebrows, wheres tight abercrombie t-shirts, wheres necklaces tightly around his neck, and gets naked to get a full body tan at the salon.
Mike Lane from Long Island is such a pretty boy.
by ---SeX--- June 09, 2004
A person who looks at themselves all day in the mirror. Also, they can be very mean and very very very cocky. Some look like the dinosaur called a trex.
That kid from our temple looks just like a pretty boy! Hes cocky and is a TREX
by yung mc ch0c January 02, 2007
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