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Spencer Reid:

The best character on CBS's Criminal Minds.
The smartest person you will ever wish to meet. The person on Criminal Minds who all of the bad stuff happens too. (ex: kidnapped, toutured, almost killed, anthax, etc) The person on Criminal Minds that is the most amazing person ever and that one day you wish to marry him. When you think of Spencer Reid, you get angry at JJ or anyone on the show that just looks at your man, so mad you wish you could jump in the TV and pull his/her head off.

AKA: Matthew Gray Gubler
OH Spencer Reid.

DANG! Did you see what happened to Spencer Reid last night?

JJ stop breaking Spencer Reid's Heart.
by junealli May 14, 2009
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Spencer Reid is a BAU, FBI agent of the hit TV CBS show, Criminal Minds. Spencer Reid is a brown-headed genuis who graduated college at 13/14 and is one of the brightest, most handsome men you will ever see. He so far, is in all 12 seasons of Criminal Minds and hopefully will be in season 13 as well. He's very sweet and fairly innocent but sassy at his best.
"He's really smart. He must be a Spencer Reid!"
"Hey. Did you see the new Episode with Spencer reid last night?"
by MGGReid April 02, 2017
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