A sexy, suave, masculine guy who is good at satisfying a woman, especially licking her vagina and clit. He is not only very attractive but also very smart. Life is better with a Klint.

girl: Are you going to have sex with him tomorrow?

girl2: Yeah, why?

girl: How u know hes guna be good?

girl2: His name's Klint, and my clit is my sweet spot, he has to be good.

girl: damn, i want some of that
I wish I was a Klint.
by cookiemonster4321 October 28, 2014
A macho looking poncho, named after CLINT EASTWOOD because of the costume he wore in his Spaghetti Westerns.
Hey, that guy's wearing a wrap!

It's a klint you dork!
by Cliff Westwood March 23, 2009
dirty little half breed that smells like a dirty twat.
Eeeew... its a klint.
by your mom May 06, 2003

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