Someone who is very strict, who follows the rules word for word, which makes them annoying.
Why you being so press.
by NONE March 05, 2005
Top Definition
To approach someone in a disrespectfull way or to confront someone and question them.
Kid #1: Yo i heard ant was talkin mad smack about you
Kid #2: aiight imma press him and find out if he was
by g MacK46 July 31, 2008
to be overly excited, or very anxious to do something; to be bent on seeing or talking to someone; to be in a rush or hurry to get some where

commonly used in the D.C. and Maryland area
stop being so press to see that concert.

you pressed as hell to talk to him, you've called him 10 times already.

why you so pressed to go to the mall?
by arlean October 02, 2006
To try and scare someone.
We was getting on the bus and she came up to me trying to press me.
by Kraze-n-Daze January 19, 2005
To give press- to have sex
i gave him/her press
by holzandbeava February 24, 2005
To pursue another person in a way that makes it clear that you are interested in them. Also used in reference to initiating conflict.
That cougar at the bar pressed me bro.
by ArnoldsMind November 04, 2014
A corporate Bottom feeder- Someone that feeds on or near positions that recently opened due to the termination of a coworker’s contractor(s). Stealing of exclusive jobs.

You backfilled my job you Press.
by Na'mean February 19, 2009
To straighten hair(usually african american or some version thereof's) hair using extreme heat. The heat source is usually an iron comb that has been heated over an open flame. Yes, it is as dangerous and damaging as it sounds...Can result in 3rd degree burns to the scalp and/or neck,depending on how experinced the presser is.
Girl, I need to get big mama to press my hair before the weekend!!

Why??!! You just gone sweat it back nappy again humping all weekend long...slut

by t t March 12, 2006
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