a useless figurehead made during early democracy to show the rest of the world that a country with this government has one leader.(which couldnt be more wrong) the only power given to him(that is legal and people know about)is the power of veto and general status at time of war. this should be considered a useless form of government due to this. governments like a republic with an elected chancellor or parliament with an elected prime minister are by far superior and get things done, intead of acting like bumbling retards and barely ever making governmental progress.
The U.S. president is a complete figurehead and joke.
#bush #democracy #president #u.s. #government
by _shadowfoot_ July 30, 2008
Top Definition
political figurehead that all of America blames their problems on, acting as if the president had any real power and was diliberately making horrible decisions.
man, our economy is in the toilet and unemployment is sky-high, it's all that damn president's fault.
by TheVoiceOfReason January 26, 2005
Before getting this job, no one will give a shit about who you are. When you get this job, everyone in the country (whether conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, etc.) will hate you at one point or another. After you leave this job, people will either praise you to high heaven or bitch about how badly the country is doing because you were the President.
George Bush. Bill Clinton. Those two are all the examples you need of why being the President is a mistake.
#president #conservative #liberal #democrat #republican
by FVZA May 20, 2006
The patriarch of dumbasses skilled in the art of bullshitting
Bush took his position of president to a new level
by BushSux February 08, 2003
President is the new hip term for saying words like nigga, nigger, niggy, niglet, negro, african american, or any other synonyms of the afarensis species. Since our current president of the united states is a black man, you can say president and it will mean black.
"Hey whats up mah president" = "Hey whats up mah nigga"
#mah #president #nigga #niggy #niglet #mah president #prez #prezy #negro #black #pussy #cunt #penis
by Dream Team APhiO February 26, 2009
Individual at the top of food chain in a government structure. Attracts interns. Notifies Presidential Staff of attractive females in vicinity.
by Rr November 07, 2002
A person that lies.
Clinton,Bush, etc.
by diablo86 April 09, 2004
The term for what has become a mockery of the highest office in the land.

see also "fearmonger"
Turn on the news to see the president trying to scare more people into voting for him.
by Ben November 03, 2004
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