bitches that think they're better than eveyone else
Those preps are always freakin' perfect.
by Annabeth September 18, 2006
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A prep is traditionally someone who comes from a WASP family living in New England, but the definition has expanded. A prep can now be used to describe anyone from a wealthy, New England family, who most likely participates in lacrosse, sailing, rugby, crew, field hockey, ice hockey, polo, and other like minded sports. It is a requisite for both boys and girls to be able to sail and play lacrosse to some extent. They value intelligence, sociability, physical attractiveness, and wealth.

A true prep DOES NOT wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, Juicy Couture, and other brands, as those are considered Jap brands, and although they have become in modern slang "preppy", are not, and should be called "jappy". They do wear Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Hermes, and other, more conservative brands. Both plaid and Madras are very popular in the 2007-2008 year.

Family tolerance for drinking alcohol is surprisingly high, and as they often have large amounts of wines, rum, vodka, vermouth, scotch, and other expensive liquors in their houses, underage drinking often starts as young as 15. Drug use however, is expressively forbidden even within the most lax families, and such use is seriously punished.

While most people think that preps hate goths, skaters, and other stereotypes, they do not, but rather loathe Japs, who consider themselves preps, even though they just degrade the term.
Prep 1: Look at that Jap.

Prep 2: Wow, she thinks she's preppy just because she wears Abercrombie & Fitch and Couture.

Prep 1: She's such poser.

Prep 2: She thinks she's so preppy but shes so jappy.
by Pro-prep, anti-JAP June 10, 2007
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A group of teenage girls who think they are superior to all the others. Most of them are very rich, or should I say they're parents are. They usually wear things from Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and other "preppily popular" clothing stores. They're accessories (sunglasses, purses..) come from expensive designer brands, such as Prada, Armani, etc.

Alot of preps don't care about school (most can afford to go to private schools). All they need is their clique, their usually prep/jock boyfriend, and the ability to go partying until 3 am.

The more "smarter" preps are nicer to people outside group, and are actually getting good grades and have talent for something.

Preps usually listen to pop, or anything popular (in their group). They watch those "teenage shows" such as The O.C. Many of them are against people who don't dress or act like them. Some of the nicer ones can tolerate punks, goths, etc. Gossiping is a favorite pastime.

-Disclaimed's Opinion :D-
I'm not exactly friends with many preps, but some, very few are actually tolerable. I hate cliques, they are retarded. Also, the clothing stores they shop at are extremely overrated, so I wouldn't step foot in one.
Conversation between 2 Preps ;)

Prep Girl 1: OMG!! Hey Krissy, like, my daddy got me a new camera!! My old was that I got like a month ago is sooo out!!

Prep Girl 2: You are like, so lucky! MY daddy bought me this cuute Marc Jacobs purse!!

Prep Girl 1: Lets like soo take a photo together, and then I can like put it on my Facebook!!
by Disclaimed August 25, 2007
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A girl who is just too bright and happy it make you want to scream. They love to wear bright happy colors, especially pink. They alwas have a polo on even if it's underneath another shirt and the color is always poped up. They love lilly pulitzer skirts and anything else like it. They are often found with big bright ribbons in their hair. They are also probly really rich cause everythi8ng they like is so freaking expensive
err...Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words
by Chrisy March 08, 2005
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ditz, bitch, slut, concieded, self-centerred, world revolves around them. generally posers go to lots of parties wear such expensive clothes as Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, Armani Exchange, and shop at Victorias Secret for bras that they dont even need because they are fucking size 'A.' Also spend way too much on makeup like Bobbi Brown when they can look just as skanky with Mabelline
Blondie> OMG Lindsdey can you like believe Heidi slept with him he is so five minutes ago
Lindsey> oh I know and she totally wrinkeled her new AE pants
Blondie> ugh I know do i look fat in these?
by goth bitxh May 02, 2003
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A prep is not someone who shops at Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle. We shop at JCrew, Polo, Lilly Pulitzer, Neimans, CK bradley, eliza b., Vineyard Vines, Rainbow, and North Face. We carry bags from Herve Chapelier, longchamp, and chanel:Classic and Pretty. Pearls are neccesary and jewlery from tiffany is needed. If you cannot afford those brands you are not a prep. Usually we go to elite private schools and end up in ivy league colleges. A common misconception is that all preps are blond, definitly not true. Most of us preps vacation in Block Island, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Nantucket, and the Hamptons. Really preppy towns include: Greenwich CT, and Rye NY. Prep for life.
That girl is wearing a shirt from Hollister and she tells everyone that she is a prep, definitly not.
by Prep for life August 29, 2005
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The bitches that talk behind your back, yet are very genial when in close contact with you. They often wear Aberzombie & Bitch, American Eagle, AERO, and my least favorite because it makes me look like a motherfucking traffic cone, Hollister. They usually are very ignorant, they spend $120 on ripped jeans, while you can go to walmart and buy ok jeans and fuck them up yourself. They usually will be the people talking shit about their 25 best friends behind their backs. They sometimes are in advanced/gifted classes yet most of them lack a brain or they have one and are unable to use it.
Prep 1: LyKe oMg I jUsT bRoKe mY nAiL!
Prep 2: I lYkE jUsT mAdE oUt wItH tHe sTaR qUaRtErBaCk!

Me: Stfu stupid preps!!!!!! And quit talking about guys who will never dump you within 5 days. Get a life!!!!!
by andy the fucking mandy April 03, 2008
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