1 definition by S&&L

Girls who think the world revolves around them.
They think they look soo totally hott in their Abercromibe, Hollister, Aeropostale, Channel, American Eagle, Louis Vatone (or however you spell that)and a lot of over gay stuff.
They have little nicknames (like Aber &+ Crombie BFFL, Aero &+ Postale, Aber &+ Aero, Holl &+ Ister)
They are little backstabbing bitches who have little groupies and opnce they break up with their boyfriends, their friend takes him.
They think people who wear black all the time are gothic.
On their myspaces, they put as captions "We're Gee Babii's" or "ii'm a gee"
They like to double their i's and put h's in their words.
Preps put AAF after their boyfriends names in their profile and then they break up like 2-7 days later and just get another boyfriend the same day.
They have over 20 best friends.
example of words: ii love youh, hii, wiid, chu, babii iim yourhz, i`ll be youhr abercombie modle if `youh`ll be my ecko stud?, We're preps be very jelous cuz youhr not hott like uhs.
by S&&L April 18, 2006

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