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Most of the best definitions of preppy have emphasized Northern or New England birthrite preppies, but let's not forget about Southern preppies, as in folks living in Mountain Brook, Alabama, or the West End, Virginia, or the Garden District in Louisiana, or Buckhead, Georgia, or Belle Meade, Tennessee (if you've never heard of these Old Guard, old-money, preppy southern suburbs, than you're not a birthrite prep). Southern preppies wear most of the same classic clothes and styles as their northern cousins, including Lacoste, Lilly, L.L. Bean, Vineyard vines, Topsiders, Brooks Brothers, tevas, Polo, and especially Patagonia (shorts and fleece are key for guys). And the more monograms, the better. Girls love grosgrain and totes from Vineyard Vines and Bean. They also like outerwear by Barbour, Cole-Haan bit loafers, and wallobies by Clark. Southern preppy girls have straight, shoulder length hair. Their preppy mothers and grandmothers may have stiff, helmut hairstyles that haven't changed in decades. Preppy guys have longish, shaggy, wind blown hair. So do their daddies. They look so much alike. Preppy Southerners would attend day schools such as Altamont or Westminster or Harpeth Hall or boarding schools such as Woodberry Forest or Baylor or Foxcroft or Madiera, rather than a New England prep school. For college, they may attend state schools such as Bama or UVA or UNC or private colleges such as Vanderbilt or W&L or Hamden-Sydney (the preppiest school in the country according to Lisa Birnbach). And they will almost always join a fraternity or sorority. Preppy families live in historic or historic looking houses in nice, woodsy neighborhoods, that are comfortable in size but never ostentatious (no electronic gates!) Inside, family antiques, silver, china and portraits are found and all rooms are always used. It is an elegant yet comfortable environment. Southern preppies and their families belong to private town clubs and country clubs such as the Piedmont Driving Club of Atlanta, the Commonwealth Club of Richmond, and the Mountain Brook Club of Birmingham. Southern preppy families don't emphasize cars as status, but typically drive volvo wagons, mercedes sedans, Jeep Cherokees, Hondas, and sometimes SUVs (although they feel guilty about them!). It is more important to have money in the bank than in the driveway! Southern preppies enjoy sports such as tennis, sailing, soccer, lacrosse, and golf, but also quail hunting (in season) and attend Steeplechases in Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia. And they love to watch and attend college football games in fall. Tailgate parties! While some southern preppies journey northwards to summer on Martha's Vineyard or in Maine, most old southern families summer on Sea Island or St. Simmons's Island in Georgia, the mountain towns of Linville and Highlands in North Carolina, or the north Georgia lakes of Lake Rabun and Lake Burton. Southern preppies believe strongly in giving back to the community and are active members of their church, sit on symphony and museum boards, volunteer at children's hospitals, and run historic preservation societies. In fact, most old-family southern debutantes are required to participate in volunteer work during their debut season. Old-family, southern debutante balls are still important and traditional rites of passage for southern preppy girls as debs and preppy boys as escorts or marshalls. All southern preppies seem to know one another and have a large group of friends and acquaintances. Southern preppies have large, extended families and lots of cousins. They always go to the family country place for Thanksgiving and play football and ride horses. Preppy as a fashion trend may come and go, by preppy as a lifestyle will always continue and exist, and probably more so in the South than elsewhere. Remember: the Virginia colonies were settled by England before Massachusetts and the rest of New England. And Virginia is very prep.
Kappa Sigma at Hampden-Sydney is full of blond, shaggy hair guys who play lacrosse and are from Buckhead.
by Alex September 22, 2004
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What is up with all these really long definitions dissing preps???? This is wrong! All these people who define preps as stupid, annoying, A&F and A&E wearing snobs are totally WRONG!!!! Preps are smart and nice and if you didn't know that, you've proably never meta real prep before or you're just jealous of us! FYI real preps do not wear AF, AE and Hollister. We tend to go for more classic, conservative stores and we do not wear Miss.Sixty jeans!! Holy shit! All you people that think have obviously never seen or met a REAL Prep!!
Buffy:Hey, Muffy! What's going on with you today?
Muffy: Nothing much. I'm just studying for the Math exam tomorrow.
Buffy: Good for you! I'm just about ready to go shopping at J.Crew.
Muffy: Ok, well, see you later!
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Prep is as many of the people here have already said - classic, conservative, WASPy, tasteful, etc. What bothers me is the misconception that being "preppy" means being a snob. Snobs, by and large, are insecure middle class pricks. A real prep is confident enough in him/herself that he/she doesn't need to put others down for no reason. Preps are secure in who they are; they don't need flashy brand names to give them their self worth.
On a side note - Someone who is White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant is not necessarily a WASP; George Bush is a WASP, for example, while Bill Clinton is not.
A real prep wouldn't waste his time hanging with a snob.
by Chip November 26, 2004
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the best way to live your life.
im so happy when im preppy. i could never live withought my lacoste polos!
by a student at middlesex school August 21, 2005
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Person who wears above listed brand names, but NOT Abercrombie and American Eagle unless they find a SERIOUSLY good catch. Someone who dresses pretty conservatively, NOT provacatively, and creates trends, DOESN'T follow them. Someone who spends a minimal amount of time on hair and makeup NOT someone who puts on 50 layers of foundation.

Preppy people are very multitalented and get hated for either: a. Being so "perfect" (even though no one is) b. Being fake by pretending they aren't good at things c. Being cocky by acknowledging that they're good at things d. Basically being blamed for the social retardedness of others as a venting tool e. Frustration that others can't use the "you're gonna pump my gas" argument because preps are actually smarter than them.

Things that get on a prep's nerves: a. people who wear Abercrombie and say they're preppy but aren't b. girls who pile on makeup and dress like sluts c. people who don't like them because they're preppy (how so you spell HYPOCRITE?!?) d. people who try to be preppy, don't quite hit the mark, and give preps a bad name

Preps generally do come from preparatory schools. That's where the name was generated from. However, some preps have been transported against their will to public schools where they continue to spread the word of true preppiness.

Preps are true friends and aren't concerned about being popular so much as they are concerned that people actually like them. Preps can actually have pretty delicate egos underneath and value true friends over everything.
"Your ribbon and ribbon belt and polo totally match! You're looking so classic prep today!"
by cheli February 28, 2004
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Someone who attends or has attended a prep school, and is usually wealthy and Caucasian. Examples of preppy fashion include tying one's sweater around one's neck, duck boots, wearing polo shirts with the collar up, and anything pearl or pink and green. "Wannabe prep" refers to people who are snobby and not truly preppy. They might be found wearing Abercrombie and Fitch, for example, instead of Lacoste.
She goes to that exclusive Connecticut boarding school, and she's so preppy, she even wears her collar up.
by Lacoste Girl November 17, 2003
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Preps are people who have class, and are kind. They are not what most people believe to be snobby rich kids who have daddy and mommy do everything for them. Preppy people are polite . Preps wear Lacoste,Polo,Henri and Lloyd, Helly Hanson,Burberry,Gucci and wear rainbow flip flops, and top sidders. THEY DO NOT WEAR HOLLISTER, ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH, AMERICAN EGALE,. They sail, play tennis, golf, play lacrosse, and sometimes play soccer. Not all kids go to preps school. Some go to elite public schools. They are from New England. Mostly southern Mass, some parts of Rhode Island, and Conneticut. They have a house on the Vinyard, the cape, or Nantucket. They also have a yacht.
They think paris hilton and hoolywood is gross. We dont follow trends. Preps for the most part are old money families. We listen to Jack Johnson not 50 cent. Preps drive Volvos, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Jeep Grand cherokees, Range Rovers, Saabs, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Corvettes, Jaguars, Bentley, Porsches, Ferraris.
They do not buy the things because of how much they cost they buy them because they are the best quality.
They all have Boston Whalers. They all are members of a yacht club or two and a beach club. Sometimes a country club.
Preps are good people. People that don't like preps just are jealous or they dont know a real one.
I am a prep one of few in my school. A true prep. i go to a public school. I am the only true prep at my school. My school is full of wanna be preps who wear a&f. So if you dont agree with the page then you dont know a true prep.
Preppy kids are members of yacht club.
Preppy kids love to sail.
by Bodyglove September 27, 2006
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A person who rarely, if ever, makes wild assumptions based on inaccurate B movie depictions (usually involving William Zabka) and can spell challenging words such as "Abercrombie" and "arrogant," but never wears one and never subscribes to the other.
Presumptuous Ignoramus: You are wearing abercrombi so you are arrogint.

To which our Preppy responds: Actually, it's L.L. Bean, and I wouldn't just assume you dropped out of middle school because of your spelling.
by Learned Gentleman May 12, 2006
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