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Prep can be defined in many way, this one will highlight the types of preps most commonly found in Canada.
A prep can be a boy or a girl, of any age. A young prep can be detected if they play sports like hockey, or if they are a girl and do horse jumping or singing.
A teenage prep is the most distinguishable kind. They often wear popular clothings brands such as American Eagle (at the cheaper end of the prep scale), Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, J. Lindeberg, Pusch, French Connection, TNA, Lululemon, Lacoste, Diesel. There are many other preppy brands.
A prep is most commonly white or brown. How to recognize a prep.
A male prep will likely have spiked hair with frosted tips. He may be wearing sunglasses. He will likely have on a polo shirt, with some kind of nice brand. His appearance will be well defined by his belt buckle, which will liked say something like DIESEL or FCUK. If he is daring, it may say Bacardi. His jeans will be light jeans. His shoes will be expensive. Probably white. A prep will not wear skateboarding shoes, instead they will wear actual running shoes, to fool you into thinking they are actually active. A prep in a picture will likely be holding a bottle of their parents alcohol, but they will probably not dare to drink it. They also may be pretending to smoke marijuana, but really they're just rolling some of mom's oregano.
A female prep is quite distinguishable too. She will likely be wearing sunglasses with white rims, they will be oversized. She will likely have her nose pierced, with a cute little baby pink or blue stud in it. Never a ring though. Her hair will be straightened, definitely. It will likely be blonde, or light brown with blonde streaks. She may have her hair up, with her bangs tied back in the popular bubble formation. If a prep is not wearing her signature brand shirts, she may be wearing a solid colored skanky top. She will wear lightwashed jeans, flaring at the bottom. She can wear almost any kind of shoes, quite often some stylish boots.

Prep girl: Oh my god, did you see those new mitts at Abercrombie? Drool! Only like, 40 dollars, whatevs, daddy will buy them.
Normal girl: No. I didn't. And I don't care to.
Prep girl: Oh my god, like, you're crazy. LOL.
by Nikki42069jk December 09, 2007
Well. For one thing, not all "preps" are conceited, snooty, or what ever you call them. But, some are. Some people think that "preps" are people who wear Hollister, A&F, or AE just to look "cool" and be in style. The truth is, just some people like that type of clothing. I do. But, I also support other companies like Hot Topic, and smaller companies. And, some people are right. Certain people who have parents with less paying jobs HATE stores like the ones I listed above. I get their point. But, it doesn't really make sense to make fun of something just to make YOURSELF feel better. That is just resorting to the ways of the actual people who ARE snooty, and shop at "preppy" stores. Oh, and btw: People who HATE Hollister, A&F, AE, and other stuff, please don't hate me. I'm just speaking... typing my mind. :P Thanks.

PS: Ugghh. I REALLY hope this won't start anything.

PPS: I DO hate something. Labels. So umm... yeah. Thats it. :)
Person 1: Ugghh. I hate Hollister.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Its too expensive, ripped, and preppy.
Person 2: So, I like that style, and its comfortable.
Person 1: Well... good for you.
Person 2: Yep. :)
Person 1: I like Hot Topic!
Person 2: Oh, so do I.
Person 1: Awesome. Maybe you're not a total snob...
Person 2: Thanks?
Person 1: Welcome!
by !Weird.Is.Awesome! November 16, 2007
Preps are mostly a broad classification of people who in most cases dress in what can be called "trendy" styles. Hollister co. Abercrombie and Fitch and other such lifestyle stores are usually choice for these people. They are mostly and unfairly stereotyped as being rude, stupid and shallow. Some are, but as usuall most people seem to be bitter or jealous towards them, or else they wouldn't speak of them in such low regard. The word prep has been so skewed in defintiion interpretation that it has mainly been associated with wealthy upper class teens and adults. Though untrue these people are mosty often unfairly judged. By other apparently bitter individuals of an "opposing stereotype" this entire practice is of course ludicrous for most people of a conventional or post conventional level of thinking, because who care what they are wearing, how are really they acting?
Look that kid is going into Abercrombie and fitch he must be a "prep" and a big dick.

He's wearing a polo and he popped his collar, "prep".

You're such a "prep" with your abercrombie and hollister and all that

I'm very bitter and ignorant, I hate that "prep" blah blah blah.

I am very offended for some ridiculous reason by what that "prep" is wearing.
by cleb June 30, 2006
A person who is either smart, or who everyone thinks is smart. Weres polo shirts all the time, is usually rich and wears pink all the time. These people are usually found in the library or doing extra-credit courses at lunch.
" OMG, Look at her, she is such a prep, with her polo and country club style..."
by Kadex August 21, 2005
Is a way of being... Its looking good at all times, and being preppy does not mean being cocky like many people believe... U can be a prep and a nice person like me.. I am a prep but im not an asshole... Prep is the way to go if u like dress well
AE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister... One big as prep is David Beckham...
by Lucas Lugo August 01, 2005
A "Prep" is not someone who attends a "Prep School" or is Rich and lives in a Rich Neighborhood. A Prep is someone, from any background adn any age, who conforms to the largest majority. Preps are usually very ignorant of anything that seems to have the slightest difference from anything that has to do with them. Preps will insult or possibly even attack anything/one that is different. These creatures tend to not be very intelegent, and usually do things because others do it, tell them to do it, or it will make them popular.

Most preps wear clothes from such stores as Ambercombie, Hollister, Aeropostle, etc. But this is not always the case. You don't have to be a Blonde Slut at School to be a Prep. No! Infact, Preps sometimes wear disguises to infilitate minorities. Some Emo Kids can be Preps, as so can Jocks, Gangsters and Skaters.

If you act preppy you are most likley indeed a prep. It doesn't always matter what you wear or how you look. Most Preps are Preps from within. Prep Characteristics include Arrogent, Ignorant attitudes that usually outcast people/things that are different. Preps don't care about you unless you kiss their ass. And Preps usually enjoy being crule to people.
Prep: Oh my God, like, look at that Goth kid over there! He's so different, let's go make fun of him!

Prep Crew: Hey goth kid! You look stupid!

Goth: *Stabs preps violently*
Prep Scum...

Prep: Oh my God, I got blood all over my Hollister T shirt! I can't have that! I'll look different!
by Kopoka July 10, 2008
prep. a common stereotype. includes popped polos, plaid shorts, ABERCROMBIE & FITCH, HOLLISTER, AMERICAN EAGLE, AEROPOSTALE, LACOSTE, RALPH LAUREN, ETC. anything PINK and GREEN. most preps are super smart asses and get straight a's in school, others are the dumb slutty whore preps. most preppy guys r fags. most preps r conceited, and rich snobby kids.
prep 1:lyke, ohmahgawdd stacey! did u hear about brad and tiffany?

prep 2: omigawd, yaaaa...some whore was caught making out with him in tha chemistry room!

prep 1: ugh, wat a total biotch.

prep 2: waiiiit.that was me! lol, im such a whore!

prep 1: u slut! i love ya bitch! wanna go to abercrombie and check out all the hot gay guys working there?

prep 2: lyke totally! my daddy gave me 500 yesterday, i could sooo use it to buy that pink polo with the matching white mini!

prep 1: don't forget those matching fliplops!
by xx4xx May 10, 2008