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Derived from prepatory - a completely different meaning to the word prep meaning home work in countries such as the UK - A prep has now become an extremely infamous label, many "preps" seem to be oblivious to that fact, but the term is still used, usually in spite of other people in forms of jealousy or hatred. Supposedly the definition of a prep is being complete hoebag with no sense of individuality whatsoever who is "out to get everybody".

Is usually completely self centered and is extremely conceited. Creates problems for other "clicks" "types" "groups" etc... by being completely slutty bitchy up themselves etc... etc...
Can be recognized by stupidity, illiteration, use of crappy language, using words such as "like" and "oh my god" and "totally" 10-40 times in one sentence, obsession to apply lip gloss 456 times in the span of 5 minutes, amount of money held in ONE purse, expensive and "preppy" clothes such as Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, Armani Exchange etc... , their desperation to keep slim ( aka anorexia nervosa )

Other Comments: Is very intent on being up to date with the latest gossip and bitching around the whole school, is very popular, usually hangs out with a clique of friends and/or has a posse of which will include 2-4 other clones, has connections with absolutely anybody and everybody with a high popularity reputation, Loves "cute" things but are actually completely bitchy.
Is usually anticipated to have sex. Is very worried about looks and style and if one is wearing enough make up, Is usually constantly using peroxide and tweezers. Most of the time, the prep will be a platinum blonde. Usually dates jocks/football players etc...
hated by most other labels such as goths nerds punks loosers druggies etc...
Blonde: LyKe OHMYGOD! I lyke so totally lyke, broke an nail lyke totally.
Blonde 2: oh my god you are so totally kidding me?!

Blonde: OH MY GOD!!
Blonde 2: lyke what?
Blonde: oh my god I just so totally ate a lyke frikken chocolate bar. thats lyke omg a trillion calories.
Blonde 2: oh my god you are so totally kidding me!?

Blonde: OH MY GOD
Blonde 2: OH MY GOD lyke WHAT?
Blonde: oh my god did you know that Mike actually had sex with Megan? Oh my god she is so totally pregnant.
Blonde 2: OH MY GOD you are so totally kidding me!?
by lalalalalalalalala February 18, 2005

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