for those of you who think preps are rich snobby bitches, your totally wrong. firstly, even though we wear abercrombie/hollister/american eagle etc. doesnt mean anything. we just like that style of clothing. secondly, we dont over do our make up. thirdly, yes we might own coaches, louis vittons, burberrys, etc. but were not like rubbing it in ppl's faces. we are not bitches, were actaully reallly nice. were very cheerful, but thats just our personality. so dont judge us, and we wont judge you.
girl 1: hey ash, whats up?
girl 2: nothing really. you wanna go hang out at the mall?
girl 1: sure!
by woah_its_alex March 25, 2007
A person who almost always shops at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and/ or American Eagle. They usually have layered hair and look the same. Most think they're better than me and most people.
Prep 2 : Maybe, let's go puke up our lunch so we can be double-zeros.
Prep 1: first let's give dirty looks to the girl in black nail polish.
Prep 2: Okay. *glares*
by katat September 30, 2006
Is a way of being... Its looking good at all times, and being preppy does not mean being cocky like many people believe... U can be a prep and a nice person like me.. I am a prep but im not an asshole... Prep is the way to go if u like dress well
AE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister... One big as prep is David Beckham...
by Lucas Lugo August 01, 2005
Danyelle, you took the words right out of my mouth.
1. Someone who wears what is "in" and it is usually pink. (I have nothing against guys wearing pink, I wear it all the time but usually when girls wear pink it is very preppy). These trends come from people in the mainstream media like Ashlee Simpson. My philosophy is that preps are like lemons in many ways: they all look alike, they're all dumb, and we can't figure out what plant either of them grows on.
Preps are noobs.
(I admitt there are some girls who wear prep clothes who are not preps).
by pinkboy June 27, 2005
A girl who has very big, messy hair. Normally wears Jack Wills & Abercrombie clotheing.
"I really like her style."
"Nahh, shes a prep mate."
by amihunt January 23, 2009
A "Prep" is not someone who attends a "Prep School" or is Rich and lives in a Rich Neighborhood. A Prep is someone, from any background adn any age, who conforms to the largest majority. Preps are usually very ignorant of anything that seems to have the slightest difference from anything that has to do with them. Preps will insult or possibly even attack anything/one that is different. These creatures tend to not be very intelegent, and usually do things because others do it, tell them to do it, or it will make them popular.

Most preps wear clothes from such stores as Ambercombie, Hollister, Aeropostle, etc. But this is not always the case. You don't have to be a Blonde Slut at School to be a Prep. No! Infact, Preps sometimes wear disguises to infilitate minorities. Some Emo Kids can be Preps, as so can Jocks, Gangsters and Skaters.

If you act preppy you are most likley indeed a prep. It doesn't always matter what you wear or how you look. Most Preps are Preps from within. Prep Characteristics include Arrogent, Ignorant attitudes that usually outcast people/things that are different. Preps don't care about you unless you kiss their ass. And Preps usually enjoy being crule to people.
Prep: Oh my God, like, look at that Goth kid over there! He's so different, let's go make fun of him!

Prep Crew: Hey goth kid! You look stupid!

Goth: *Stabs preps violently*
Prep Scum...

Prep: Oh my God, I got blood all over my Hollister T shirt! I can't have that! I'll look different!
by Kopoka July 10, 2008
A disgusting waste of life. Someone whos biggest tradegy is not having a football buddy for football season.
Girl:my mom died last night
Other Girl:thats cool OMG i dont have a football buddy
Girl:omgshh thats so sad

Boy:yea look at my new highlights im so prep now
Other Boy:sweet look at my new aero jeans
by Brittney Ray September 22, 2007
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