1.)Preps are a vile plague upon this Earth, a group shallow idiots who come from rich families and beleive they are better than everyone due to that fact. Signs of a prep: ^()^^(TyPe lyke tHiiS&*%&),
Abercrombie and Bitch, Gap etc., irrational hatred of anyone who doesn't look, speak or listen to the same music as them.
2.)Annoying cuntflaps in need of a beating. Also see: Slut, Bitch, Wanker, Dumbass etc.
Preps are elitist cuntflaps who judge others by their appearances. They consider people like me a goth for wearing a Cannibal Corpse t-shirt even though we could all bludgeon them with chairs or any other blunt objects and easily end this disease.
by 7th Son of a 7th Son October 10, 2005
Is a way of being... Its looking good at all times, and being preppy does not mean being cocky like many people believe... U can be a prep and a nice person like me.. I am a prep but im not an asshole... Prep is the way to go if u like dress well
AE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister... One big as prep is David Beckham...
by Lucas Lugo August 01, 2005
Danyelle, you took the words right out of my mouth.
1. Someone who wears what is "in" and it is usually pink. (I have nothing against guys wearing pink, I wear it all the time but usually when girls wear pink it is very preppy). These trends come from people in the mainstream media like Ashlee Simpson. My philosophy is that preps are like lemons in many ways: they all look alike, they're all dumb, and we can't figure out what plant either of them grows on.
Preps are noobs.
(I admitt there are some girls who wear prep clothes who are not preps).
by pinkboy June 27, 2005
A girl who has very big, messy hair. Normally wears Jack Wills & Abercrombie clotheing.
"I really like her style."
"Nahh, shes a prep mate."
by amihunt January 23, 2009
A disgusting waste of life. Someone whos biggest tradegy is not having a football buddy for football season.
Girl:my mom died last night
Other Girl:thats cool OMG i dont have a football buddy
Girl:omgshh thats so sad

Boy:yea look at my new highlights im so prep now
Other Boy:sweet look at my new aero jeans
by Brittney Ray September 22, 2007
Preps can often be associated with stuck up, upper class, white bitches who have eating disorders, wear too much lipgloss, only buy super expensive clothing from places that cater to ridiculously small sizes like Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo, Hollister, and American Eagle and have very basic vocabularies. But honestly, like all fads, it doesn't really matter if your social status or race, as long as you wear the uniform and behave like a prep you ARE a prep. And preps, along with all other cliques are defined by what people think a prep looks or acts like. Regardless or whether you are rich or poor as a rattlesnake. Or whether you're white or whether you've ever actually went to a prep school. If you can't bring yourself to buy a pair of jeans that isn't under 100$ you're probably a prep. If you can't associate with anyone who's style isn't scaringly similar to yours and you feel that anyone's whose different is totally beneath you, you're probably a prep. If you apply a least 30 layers of lipgloss and brush your hair constantly between classes, you're probably a prep. And if your vocabulary consists of the words 'totally' 'like' and the phrase 'Oh my god!' to descirbe every feeling of emotion possible... oh yeah, you're a prep. Remember it's not something you're born into, it's a lifestyle. You chose to live that way, so deal with the label like everyone else has to deal with their labels (and yes, I am talking to all you whiners crying 'I'm not a prep' when you're so clearly are).
(group of preppy girls talk at lunch table)
(girl walks by)
(one of the preppy girls calls her over)
Prep girl 1: Hey! Like, where'd you get your top? It's like sooo cute!
Prep girl 2: Yeah, and I LOVE your shoes!
Girl: Ummm... thanks...
Prep Girl 1: Come and like sit with us!
Girl: Like, okay.
(goth girl walks by)
Goth girl: Prep...
Girl: I'm not a prep!
Prep Girl 3: Don't pay her any attention, she's just jealous.
Girl: Of what?
Prep girl 2: Of not being one of us, of course!
Girl: And what are we exactly?
Prep girl 4: Umm, like, preps? Duh!
by A_Trail_Of_Contradictions March 24, 2007
stuck up little dumasses dat run around wearing hollister, american eagle n all dat shit. concider ppl dat r not dere kind either a chonga or emo. they r lyk robots walkin around sayin "omg! lyk OMG! di u lyk see her da other day omg! i cant lyk belive dat he lyk did dis to me!"
REGULAR PERSON: hey wat happend wit u n ur boyfriend?

PREP: lyk omg first he lyk told me he lyk was tired of my omg's n my lyk bt its nt lyk i say it DAT much lyk omg!
by J551039887 February 14, 2007

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