not quite prep, not quite emo yet. a cross in between two opposite groups/categories of human types. :]
A premo girl who wears a Hollister sweatshirt, skinny jeans, hello kitty headband, and keds/converse shoes.

A premo guy with emo hair but wears AE clothes and skater shoes.
by Royalle-Am October 28, 2007
Top Definition
a joint or blunt laced with coke
I smoked a fat premo with Ray Ray.
by skizate September 04, 2003
The slang name for the living legend who is well and truly involved with the beautiful side of Hip-hop music, being DJ Premier. DJ Premier is one half of possibly the most solid hip-hop group ever 'Gang Starr' along with 'Guru' on the microphone. DJ Premier is known, amongst enthusiasts, for making perfect, punchy hip-hop beats (instrumentals) and amazing cuts (scratches on a turntable) which almost make sentences cut up from the voices of previously said lyrics by various rappers.
'Man who would you say is the best hip-hop beat maker of ALL time?'

'Either Premo or Pete rock, the decision is so tight i'm sorry i cant say one or the other'
by LiveByTheFunk August 07, 2008
A word to describe that something is good
Thats Premo
Thats Cool
by Masa01 January 11, 2005
The good shit
Bro wanna roll a blunt? I got that premo
by limecat34 September 27, 2009
The emo genre before it became a popularity contest. Headlined by Bands such as minor threat, Rites of Spring, and fugazi. Since it was Pre mainstream emotional music, its Pre-mo.
Hey guys you check out this pre-mo.It might not be sung very well but the point is ok.
by Nathan July 31, 2004
1.One who obtains the status of both a prep and emo
2.A person who holds the emo look, while still being preppy
Wow, he's totally premo
by Kate October 08, 2004
a blunt mixed with crack and weed
yo waddup Lex, can i rip that premo?
by @pE December 19, 2007
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