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not quite prep, not quite emo yet. a cross in between two opposite groups/categories of human types. :]
A premo girl who wears a Hollister sweatshirt, skinny jeans, hello kitty headband, and keds/converse shoes.

A premo guy with emo hair but wears AE clothes and skater shoes.
by Royalle-Am October 28, 2007
19 20
a joint or blunt laced with coke
I smoked a fat premo with Ray Ray.
by skizate September 04, 2003
191 80
The slang name for the living legend who is well and truly involved with the beautiful side of Hip-hop music, being DJ Premier. DJ Premier is one half of possibly the most solid hip-hop group ever 'Gang Starr' along with 'Guru' on the microphone. DJ Premier is known, amongst enthusiasts, for making perfect, punchy hip-hop beats (instrumentals) and amazing cuts (scratches on a turntable) which almost make sentences cut up from the voices of previously said lyrics by various rappers.
'Man who would you say is the best hip-hop beat maker of ALL time?'

'Either Premo or Pete rock, the decision is so tight i'm sorry i cant say one or the other'
by LiveByTheFunk August 07, 2008
112 55
A word to describe that something is good
Thats Premo
Thats Cool
by Masa01 January 11, 2005
63 42
1.One who obtains the status of both a prep and emo
2.A person who holds the emo look, while still being preppy
Wow, he's totally premo
by Kate October 08, 2004
142 121
The emo genre before it became a popularity contest. Headlined by Bands such as minor threat, Rites of Spring, and fugazi. Since it was Pre mainstream emotional music, its Pre-mo.
Hey guys you check out this pre-mo.It might not be sung very well but the point is ok.
by Nathan July 31, 2004
28 10
The good shit
Bro wanna roll a blunt? I got that premo
by limecat34 September 27, 2009
32 17
a blunt mixed with crack and weed
yo waddup Lex, can i rip that premo?
by @pE December 19, 2007
39 37