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Pregnant. Its just slang for being pregnant. Its shorter than saying pregnant.
All my friends are preggo, its mating season.
by gzp September 28, 2004
preggo: person who is in a sex video when pregnant
on our site you get all the preggo sluts you want!
by krapommeke October 11, 2004
A knocked up woman, who flaunts their pregnanticity to the entire world. Often preggos go to the beach wearing bikinis and walk around the mall wearing shirts that are rolled up as if to say "look at me im a big fat twat".

Not to become confused with pregnant, the pregnant sort keep it hidden for as long as they can and wear clothes and such to cover their bluge.
Ex: Britany Spears is a Preggo she walks around with her nasty ass stomach and it hangs out. Ok Britany we know you're a whore and like to have sex with more than 5 guys at once, but please for the sake of man kind don't go around telling little children where babys come from.
by T.O'Brien June 05, 2006
A term pregnant women use to make pregnancy seem cute, which of course, it isn't. This is the closest a child can get to being abused prior to exiting the womb. The women who use this term are self-centered, egotistical, hippos who believe the world should focus on their every word. Preggo is a term only used by happy go lucky douchebags who think they are gods gift the world. This attitude is similar in jackassery to the pasta sauce "Prego" which is Italian for "You're Welcome." Similarly, women that use this term are simply begging to be ostracized and ridiculed until their Jr. jackass children are born and ridiculed in their place.
Girls that say the phrase "preggo" should be bitch-slapped.
by Daddy to be 2 January 12, 2012
Slang used to describe one who has an especially flatulent belly
Andy: Caity are you preggo
Caity: No! Asshole!
Andy: Well sorry I was concerned about the bulge poking out your stomach
by Indii January 22, 2006
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