Getting drunk or generally intoxicated before a party or social event regardless if there will be alcohol or other substances available at said event.
Dooder 1: Hay bro why you drinkin that nasty ass Icehouse?
Dooder 2: Just pregaming brah.
by dyrm February 09, 2004
Top Definition
Drinking several alcoholic beverages or using illegal drugs before going to a larger function in preparation of getting toasted.
Before going to the bar, I started pre-gaming around 7.
by chief. October 10, 2003
Consuming alcohol in smaller amounts before a bigger drinking event with the intention of easing yourself into a night of crazy fun.
First guy: Yea we were pre-gaming with beer tonight.

(gazing at a guy passed out)

Second guy: Yea too bad he didn't pre-game at all, tonight was too much fun for him to handle.

First guy: Sucks to be him.
by McDADe August 28, 2010
Drinking that is done before going to an event where drinks that you will purchase are very expensive. Often occurring in vehicles and parking lots before the event while watching for the police.
I was pregaming before the Metallica concert and I don't remember anything.
by Pillsbury263 March 28, 2014
A way for retards with no life outside of drinking to circle-jerk over how fast they can murder their own livers. See, it works like this; first, you make a plan to go out and drink. Then, you drink BEFORE you go out to drink, so you have an excuse to act like a stupid fuck before you've even had a beer.
Hey, guys, have you heard of this pre-gaming thing? I do it all the time. I drink before I drink so I'm prepared to drink; THAT'S how much I drink!
by I'm Sorry You're Retarded March 30, 2008
The act of using masturbation just prior to engaging in sexual intercourse in an effort to last longer during intercourse to achieve a more pleasurable sexual experience.
Honey I'll be right out, I'm just pre-gaming!

My girlfriend is so hot the only way we can both have a great time having sex is if I do some pre-gaming beforehand.

You had a dream about catching me PRE-GAMING!!!
by Dusty Cheeks June 30, 2011
Underage teens on a drinking binge before football games!
Pre-gaming makes all the fun in the stadium: you can get free entertainment hearing the crappy, drunkinese jokes during extended halftime break between quarters!
by hammer---;, hytham May 19, 2007
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