The act of taking a dump before going out or playing in a sporting event.
Guy 1: Hey! Let's go!
Guy 2: Wait. I need to pregame it.
by Mattboyguy September 02, 2008
v. To have oral sex with your coach before a game or practice.
I had a pregame session with my coach before the game.
I pregamed my coach at practice.
by bjlover23 June 11, 2009
giving oral
Cindy: hey you up for some pregame?
Joe: yeah sure!

Joe: aww yeah, suck it

Sarah: i gave joe some pregame last night
Cindy: so did i!
by laxbr08 May 17, 2011
to save money on alcohol by visiting "" before going out.
I was going to drink a few beers by myself before I left, but then I Pregamed on DrinkPhilly and found out Marky Mark's bar was doing $1 beers till 9.
by Drink Philly June 06, 2010
A term used by alcoholics who need to be drunk in order to have a good time. They chug their own bottles before going to an event to get a buzz on. And then they drive half drunk to the event and drink some more. Fun. Wee.
"Dude, are we gonna pregame before the bar? Drinks are so expensive!"
"Let's drive down there and pregame in the parking lot."
"That's lame, man!"
"At least we won't pulled over by the cops."
by kevnar April 05, 2008
The act of beating off with purpose of increasing sexual stamina. Normally done 4-5 hours before planned intercourse.
Man i need to pregame tonight otherwise i'm going to prematurely ejaculate all over that bitch.

If i don't pregame I am going unleash the white thunder on that poor girl.
by Sdog October 18, 2005
tim lindsay getting head before his soccer game
Slurp, Slurp, Slurp, Gulp, ok good luck time
by Steven December 04, 2003
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