when you go for a shit before an important event, eg an exam, in order to clear your nerves and make you more comfortable
Dave: hey mike how you feeling about this test?

Mike: I dunno, feeling kinda stressed, i didnt have time for a pre game
#shit #nerves #test #exam #game
by robbastic December 08, 2009
To read ahead and prepare for a particularly tough class or lab.
OMG, anatomy lab will be so hard tomorrow. We need to pre-game hard tonight.
#pregame #study #h #exam #anatomy
by H DMD October 27, 2010
holding something in one hand while the other in your mouth finishes (sexual or not)
I've got this cough drop in my hand, but the one in my mouth isn't gone yet, it's kinda like a pre-game.
#pre-game #sexual #cough drop #nonsexual #mouth
by the_butler23 November 17, 2008
nickname for someone who sucks off a whole sports team before a game
Jake: Why do they call Jamie Leigh pre-game?
Taylor: Because Barret got her to suck him & the whole baseball team off before the Sumrall game!
by Dally December 06, 2004
the act of giving sexual pleasure to sports team members before an athletic event
Morgan is known to give pre game to the entire HHS JV basketball team.
by Anonymous May 13, 2003
the art of meeting up with friends, getting in a car, and going blunt cruising.
When you wake up, call me so we can pregame
#blunt cruise #smoke and drive #smoke cruise #hot boxing #blunt blazin #going to canada
by dewdfromthadirrty January 31, 2011
Semen that has leaked prematurely from a man's penis before a sexual encounter. Very similar to premature ejaculation. See also Postgame
Woman: "I told you not to cum in my mouth!!!!"

Man: "Don't worry about that baby, it's just pregame. I can't help it."
#postgame #premature ejaculation #pre game #pre-game #post game
by TrojanRubber July 28, 2009
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