Belief started by John Calvin that God has already decided everything that happens beforehand and nothing we do can change it. To put it simply the absence of free will.
Jimmy-Jimmy tried to altar predestination by not going to school one day, but God already knew he planed to do it.
by WindWaker68 May 01, 2004
Top Definition
The belief that God has already made the decisions we are faced with, therefore free will becomes controlled. It may be seen that the fact is we already have made the choice, but need to understand it. Examples of this are shown immaturely in the 'matrix reloaded'
'Well...if you know what I am going to do...then I don't really have the choice...'
by DragonTail January 08, 2005
The theory held by some religious beliefs that God decided at your birth whether you will go to Heaven or Hell and you have no control over it.
If you believe in predestination that means you don't have to have morals or inhibitions.
by The Ugly One February 28, 2004
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