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To use an empty box, bag, bottle, jug, etc. as a receptacle for other trash before you actually throw it (and the trash) away.
Jim always got plastic bags at the grocery store so he could precycle them in his various small trash cans throughout the house.

I finished my 20 oz. carbonated beverage but still found myself overcome with thirst, so I precycled it by rinsing it and filling it with water.
by testicles...that is all October 10, 2009
(verb) Removing a box's inside packaging before you're done with it in order to recycle the box or emptying a bottle into a drinking glass so that you can recycle the bottle on your city's recycle pick-up day.
variable: precycling, noun
I just precycled the cereal box. I precycled the milk jug because I heard the recycle truck coming.
by Leif Swanson September 17, 2008
Declining the use of a recyclable item (like a shopping bag) in lieu of an obvious alternative.
The checker asked if me if I wanted paper or plastic but since I was buying a six-pack with a handle, I told him I'd rather precycle.
by jaddilac August 01, 2009
Curbing the implusive urges of consumerism that bombard you everyday because you won't turn off the TV and stop getting brainwashed.
Precycle: Do you really need another fucking piece of crap from wallymart that will trash up the planet in 2 months when it breaks or do you think you MAY be able to live without it?
by gotabrainuseit May 15, 2010
Signs at the UMBC dining hall on the tables. Shows a man holding up two cans (potentially with food in them, but one can't see the labels) staring directly at the camera/the viewer.

It supposedly means to buy things with less packaging. However, someone already invented a word for that "reduce", one of the 3 R's (the other two being reuse and recycle.)
Damn, that precycling dude freaks me out.

I'll precycle you!
by Zeei November 19, 2006
the act of collecting cans and bottles from the recycling bin before the recycling truck takes it away. (for the deposit)
The rustling at 6:00 AM was just the precycling going on at the back of the building.
by jluv November 05, 2003

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