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Primarily for movie goers, the pre-pee is when one goes to the bathroom before getting the movie starts, in order to avoid having to go to the bathroom in the middle of a movie and miss a good part.
(while on premiere line)

A: I heard this movie is dumb long
B: Yeah, 3 hours or something
A: I'm gonna go pre-pee. Hold my spot?
B: Yeah, sure. I'm next though.
by secretly May 19, 2007
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When you hit the public restroom, prior to a long engagement (such as a concert, ballgame, or plane ride), to avoid painful need to urinate, many hours into the event
Be right there, playa! Gonna pre-pee before the big meeting, yo!
by Samboni63 August 18, 2009
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That little spot of pee that appears when you really have to go to the bathroom and some just sneaks out into your undies.
What the hell, Jane, what's with all those pre-pee stains on your underwear? You have a bladder problem, son?
by Ks1994 March 05, 2012
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