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3 definitions by Samboni63

the lane on a street/highway (usually the one farthest to the right), where drivers go 20 MPH slower than the people around them, and txt while driving their car
That *&%$%*# was driving 10 MPH in the txting lane - can't they wait until they get home, to text their bff?
by Samboni63 June 10, 2010
When you hit the public restroom, prior to a long engagement (such as a concert, ballgame, or plane ride), to avoid painful need to urinate, many hours into the event
Be right there, playa! Gonna pre-pee before the big meeting, yo!
by Samboni63 August 18, 2009
When you have holey underwear, and you lay a creamy fart, and you make a racing strip on your pants
Dude, where did you get that vertical brown line on your jeans? Bro, I ate too much chili, and Swiss Sharted myself!
by Samboni63 April 16, 2011