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The day occurring before Friday, also known as Thursday. Known as a subtle way to slip the word Friday into an otherwise sucktastic day.
1: Today's pre-Friday, can I get a woot woot?!

2: We still have school on Friday, you know that right?
by prettydangflyy May 20, 2008
A more optimistic name for Thursday. Popularized by Dallas-Fort Worth KDFW FOX 4 news anchors Tim Ryan and Lauren Przybyl during their morning news program, "Good Day." Pre-Friday makes the weekend seem less far away.
"Good morning, North Texas! ...43 degrees on this Pre-Friday. What are your weekend plans?
by MurrayRabbit January 12, 2012
A Friday in which you are required to work on the next day, Saturday; ruining your entire weekend.
Peter: Did you hear, we are wroking on Saurday this week.

Michael: I know, tomorrow is a Pre-Friday, instead of a regular Friday.
by CheeeeseDizzle December 09, 2010