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Description of something that has achieved a new and ultimate level of sucking, such that there is almost something fantastic about it. Also see: craptacular, pukeriffic
Bobby: How did your school picture turn out?

Johnny: Sucktastic.

Bobby: That's 'cause you're an uggo.
When something sucks so bad that it enters the realm of the fantastic.
Shit! My wallets gone.The fucking sucktastic.
by bonghole August 12, 2008
Funtastic = something/someone really Fun or Fantastic Fun

Sucktastic = something/someone that really Sucks or Fantastic Sucks
1: You're Funtastic.
2: And you're Sucktastic!
by LordVampyr May 31, 2008
Having only one thing to do at work on Friday, and that one thing being rescheduled for 7pm.
Are you kidding me? They want to move the meeting from 11am to 7pm on a Friday? And that's the ONLY thing we're going to do all day? That's sucktastic.
by weekend-lover August 15, 2011
Something that fantastically sucks.
I think my ipod was just stolen. That's so sucktastic.
by Moosetracks28 February 03, 2009
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