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Distortion of the word Props. Started by Sachem Norths JV9 football team. We all made fun of this fire-crotch James McCarrick of the way he talks. Make ur rite hand into an O shape, stick ur pinkey up, hold it up to ur mouth and say, =O Praps if somethin good was said. If somethin bad was said, do the same hand shape, say praps, wait a second, the turn ur hand so ur pinkey is strait down and say "DOWN!"
"Yo, u jewtard, ur mom sucked my cock last nite! =O PRAPS"
by Bubba99 November 02, 2007
6 17
Replacement for maybe. One day to be the most widely used word to suggest possibility.
-'Are you going on Saturday'
-'Praps, I dunno.'
-'I hope you will because by using 'praps' you're clearly the best person ever'
by calexat November 15, 2010
24 5
Identical in meaning to "perhaps".
"Praps I'll kiss your dinkle"
by tim whitehouse May 22, 2008
14 3
A recent ganster slang that refers to the sound a firearm makes when discharged. Usually said in groups of two (prap! prap!) accompanied by a hand motion of a gun firing above the persons head. Usually used as a term of self praise or after an insult is made.
Damn im the hottest OG out there...no one can touch me foo..prap! prap!
by drummerboy December 22, 2004
19 9
short for 'part rap' or a combination of pop and rap. Goes with crap, short for 'complete rap'
"do you really like this crap"

"this isn't crap, its prap so yes i do like it"
by dr. fooey July 09, 2009
5 3
Prap is the word used to describe someone that is extremely annoying. It is an insult
(Nancy walks into a bar) Nancy: "Hey ya'll, I have a new song for you!" (Starts Singing very annoying song)
Kathy: Nancy, You PRAP!! BE QUIET!!
by TotalChi June 29, 2012
2 1
the kind of crap girls listen to, a combination of pop and rap
All that's on my girlfriend's iPod is prap like 50 Cent and Kelly Clarkson
by yourm0m May 19, 2009
2 1
Derived from "perhaps" but refers to intestinal uncertainty. If the praps are left unattended, they can often result in a shart.
Aw man, I got the praps! (as in: Praps I got gas, praps I gotta take a dump!)
by MK23 September 29, 2008
0 12