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Contraction of "Jewish Retard".

Jewish + Retard = Jewtard.
Ayan: Hey, I just need one more penny. Care to spare yours?
Noah: I'm sorry, but I need it! I'm saving for a rainy day!
Ayan: Ughh... Jewtard.
by Carlos Astudillo January 31, 2005
A retarded Jew.

A Jew with no money. They gotta be retarded if they're broke and Jewish.
That nigga is a jewtard.
by Jewsus Chrizzist May 10, 2008
Essentially, a jewish retard.

However a jew's body works diffrentley than it does with us, normal people.

A jew needs 3 things to stay alive.

Air : Lots of it, explains the big nose.
Jew Gold

Essentially a Jewtard is just a Jew who doesn't have one of those.
A poor Jew is a Jewtard
A Jew with a small nose is a Jewtard
A Jew hoe doesn't have his gold, is a Jewtard.
by Noobowners May 09, 2010
A mentally retarded Jewish person.
Timmy: Daaah, I like matzah baaalls!
Paul: Who's that?
Dave: That's Timmy. You know, that retarded Jewish guy?
Paul: Oh yah... he's a jewtard
by ultralordofweed April 02, 2008
Combination of "Jew" and "Retard". Horribly offensive, racist and always derogatory.
Matt, you're such a jewtard.
Matt is so jewtarded.
by TheDuece June 15, 2008
not to be mistaken as a slanderous term. a combined meaning of FUCKTARD and DOUCHETWAT. used to describe someone sooo incredible stupid that you not only feel dumber for being near them, but wonder how nature could have possibly fucked up so bad as to let something like this actaully survive. you often get the urge to 'fix' natures problem before this 'person' can infect and destroy humanity.

NOT INTENDED AS AN ANTI-SEMENTIC INSULT...the first 3 letters are actually the initials of the first guy to earn the name.
WOW!!! what a jewtard. its amasing anyone that dumb can even remember to breath.
by Oxman85 January 29, 2007
Jewtard (noun):

1) Someone who knows so little about the Jewish religion that they are retarded.

2) Someone who acts so stereotypically Jewish that they are retarded.
1) Rachael didn't know that the Jews celebrate their Sabbath on Friday night, she's such a jewtard.

2) Micah only goes to that bar on Tuesday nights because it $1 beer night, he's such a jewtard.
by MrFnBMore March 02, 2010

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