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Really weird and sick, perverted old program which comes on at 1:00 am on channel 82. There is "Pa," a transient dork who never seems to accomplish anything much, "Ma," the only one who seems to have any brain, "Mary," the blind chick, "Laura," the bucktoothed, pigtailed skank who at the age of about 12 goes after the cock of the farmer "Manly" with a vengeance and doesn't let up until he marries her and she gets it, her little sister whose name I forget and whom I think is retarded, "Doc Baker" who gets paid with fried chicken and biscuits, "Mrs. Oleson" who is rich and nosy about her peasant white trash neighbors, "Mr. Oleson" who is her husband who runs the Mercantile with her, and the Reverand Alden who preaches at the church which doubles as the school. The Ingalls fuck up and move a lot. To South Dakota several times, to Kansas once and to Iowa. They usually live in a pathetic little shack in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. When they need to go to the big city they go to Sleepy Eye. When they need to go to the really big city they go to Mankato. The father is sappy and cries a lot like a wuss and can't seem to stick to anything. That is about it.
It's 12:50 am. Let me put on my fucking pajamas and make a snack and watch that piece of shit program "Little House on the Prairie". I wonder what that skanky slut Laura will be up to tonight other than scheming to get her hands on Manly's schlong.
by Jason 323232 August 09, 2010
bang a girl from behind thats wearing pigtails. right before you cum, poke her in both eyes and yell "Nellie"
my pal randy had that chick last night, he gave her the little house on the prairie and now her eyes are sore!
by Randy America May 15, 2007
an illegal lab where crystal meth is made
that hoe was having problems with her pimp so now she's making crystal in a little house on the prairie
by G-Unit Gangsta April 24, 2008
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