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Derived from porn Pr0n has an added astericks which means star, basically meaning porn star
Wow teh uber pr0n* hotness
by Joshua Patton December 09, 2004
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A word being the shortend and/or coded meaning of porn star.
I wanna be a pr0n* when I grow up
by Angelica Guevara August 11, 2005
common misspelling of the word "PORN" usually in aol or instant messaging.the asterisk can be used to refer that you acknowledge of your mistake and are willing to accept the fact that you do not know how to spell basic four letter words.
Sue7635:hey i want to go to the movies tonight
BobbyXXX6969:hell yes i would love to see a pr0n*
But anyways he just wants to see people naked and get off to a hot Hershey comb over while eating out tub girl next to him.
by mike hizzle February 14, 2007

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