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1.Most commonly known from the video game character, Kirby. Its a sign of immaturity.
2.Many believe it may also be a form of poyopoyo, which is Japanese for toddling, which suits as Kirby is merely a baby.
1."Kirby is so young, he's just a poyo."

2. Kirby is a poyopoyo
by Feeragus July 13, 2008
111 41
A Malay slang, used by teenagers and some 'young' adults. Offensive, when used intentionally and can lead to quarrels+fights if used for insulting purposes.

1. A liar, or faker.
2. Someone lame/pathetic.
1. "That guy is so poyo, it's so obvious he's a wannabe"
2. "He's the most obnoxious guy I've ever met, he thinks everyone revolves around him. He's so poyo."
by Zaty December 11, 2005
95 49
malaysian slang for a person who doesn't realize how fag he/she is,shameless action,self boasting
takleh la nk kawan dengan mamat poyo tuh.(that guy is too poyo to be friended with)
by abang botak August 04, 2005
110 67
product of your own stupidity.
friend: (does something mildly retarded)

you: p.o.y.o.s!!!!!
by plygndpro January 14, 2007
7 1
Poyo: A alcoholic drink that is made from fermented Palm tree sap. Commonly found in Sierra Leone. and other West African countries.
1.Dude that poyo last night sucked!

2.Yeah man it was all vinegar, it must have been sitting out all day! Plus morning poyo is better.
by Frostsniper August 15, 2011
11 10
Pay On Your Own
We POYO for the Christmas party.
by aryan127 December 12, 2011
9 11
Slang term used in parts of UK meaning cheesy vaginal discharge.

The thick whitish discharge caused by Thrush.
Used as general term of offense.
My panties are all Poyo'd
baking a poyo cake in my panties
thats some nasty poyo
by Nigels-Plans September 24, 2011
4 14