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A Malay slang, used by teenagers and some 'young' adults. Offensive, when used intentionally and can lead to quarrels+fights if used for insulting purposes.

1. A liar, or faker.
2. Someone lame/pathetic.
1. "That guy is so poyo, it's so obvious he's a wannabe"
2. "He's the most obnoxious guy I've ever met, he thinks everyone revolves around him. He's so poyo."
by Zaty December 11, 2005
A kid that grew up with spongebob and minecraft. It loves dubstep, EDM or other electronic music. And Call of Duty or Battlefield.
Tends to not know, what 'older times' were and it cannot imagine, to not live with computers/TVs/smartphones.
Usually has a big smartphone, but a small penis.
Older Brother to his little brother: "How much do you like Queen?"
Little Brother: "Queen!? What the fuck is that?"
Older Brother: "Wow you so much from the spongebob generation..."
by zaty May 19, 2015
A videogame-series, all games of the series can be played on computer, some on consoles aswell, produced by Activision and many, MANY smaller production studios.
The community of this game is hilariously, and makes everyone, who isn't part of it, cry; it's based on kids, thinking they're gods in what they do. And there are the

teenagers, which, surprisingly, also think, they're gods in what they do, or in everything existing on earth, that could be done.

Yet people still buy this bullshit, which isn't even good, and bad coded. I could cry; I could program such piece of non-usable code. But the community still claims,
it's the best thing the world has ever seen. These individuums can't be helped, seriously; don't even try.

If you think this attitude is made from wildly overdoing myself, well no. I've played every game of the series. Only the first games are good. The newer ones
suck. Seriously. But, for my luck, it starts to shrink. Die, CoD!
Call of Duty.
by zaty May 19, 2015
Place this suffix behind an adjective, so you get a new Noun, which describes the person or the thing, it's meant against. This might sound bad with some adjectives (e.g. attractive (attractivo?)).
James is such a weirdo! (James = weird)

weird / weird-o (suffix)
by zaty May 19, 2015
A parody of the word spaghetti, made out of the word faggot.
spaghetti + faggot

Try this to insult someone, they will cry and laugh at the same time.
Guy: "You are such a faggheti, you should go to these meatballs fat guys!"
by zaty May 31, 2015
An abbreviation commonly used in internet forums or chats,

standing for "Do I look like someone who actually cares?".
"I'm way better than you in this game."
- "dillswac?"
by zaty May 27, 2015

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