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1) Usually said when departing. 2)Peace Out Yo
POY! \m/
by P huNgy October 29, 2003
"Pictures of Yourself"
Often used on forums describing a thread containing pictures the users have posted of themselves.
I've posted a picture of me in the POY thread.
by Kimiia August 03, 2008
n. lightsticks, LEDs, or other light-emitting objects tied to the ends of long stringsswung around by a person to simulate unbroken rings of light surrounding the person

n. the technique of swinging such devices to simulate unbroken rings of light surrounding the person
1) I made some poy for tonight's party; I hope I can get it right!

2) Some friends of mine can do poy for hours at a time and not drop their strings a single time!
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
A word that is used to end a conversation in such an awkward way, that they won't keep talking. Usually used when talking over text messages. Very useful for avoiding annoying individuals that text you non stop. Also handy for those texts from a parent reminding you to do something.
Mother: Junior don't forget to take out the garbage!

You: Poy
by PortCottonwood June 22, 2011
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