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perfect (poy-fect)
"Oh, you made it here on time... poy!"

"thats like poy"
by YuniQ9 January 20, 2014
"I'm ready, let's go"
"poyfect.. sgo!"
by YuniQ9 January 24, 2014
These editors are defo noob fools..
For sure, their fooness is endless!
by YuniQ9 January 17, 2014
chilly wills... only better ;)

chilly wills=150%
Chilly Williams=199%
"Hey, bro, what you up to?"
"Chilly Williams... you should come over"
by YuniQ9 January 25, 2014
the all-seeing i
...needs u to stand under it
"we're sorry, sir, your account has insufficient balance"
"eye understand"
by YuniQ9 January 20, 2014

the capital Q and the 9 spiral come together to form a heart-shape... meaning Love
"wow, your name is YuniQ9"
"..that's Why You & I Love"
by YuniQ9 January 27, 2014
like coolbeans... but with lol

(lolbanana=over 9000)
"oops, I shat myself a little.."
"lolbeans" :)
by YuniQ9 January 25, 2014
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