A group of teenagers with a near perfect GPA, great social skills, great martial arts skill, and giant robots. They thrive in packs of anyware between 3-7 and have a "thing" for matching spandex outfits. each Ranger as there called has his or her own special color, girls colors are: pink, yellow, light blue, white. While the guys colors are: Red, Blue, Black, Green, White, and Yellow (if he's gay). Whatever town they save from a giant monster made of some inanimate object(Pinball machine, Camera, ex...) is magicly rebuilt overnight. Also the Ranger's ethnic backround somtimes decides what color suit they ware (African American- Black Ranger, Chinese- Yellow ranger). They are led by a giant head in a tube named Zordon and no Power Rangers are known to have parents.
by Brook Park Runner October 20, 2008
A person who only uses akimbo rangers on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They aren't very skilled at the game, so that is all they do. This is the gaming equivalent of a complete douche bag. Because nobody likes them.
Player 1: Wow. There is a power ranger on their team.

Player 2: Oh yeah. I killed him like 10 times already.
by Kkenny May 22, 2010
A sometimes light jibe or slur from crusier riders towards sport bikers.Harley Davidson and metric riders both.Less so from the latter.The comment stems towards sportbike riders in full leathers,with or without any added colors on them in full racing leathers.
That damn "power ranger" made my Sportster look like it wasn't moving in 6th and he was only on one wheel.
by Jim Hexgrim August 29, 2008
noun or adjective.(n) A very colorful spoken lie. Often used to illustrate a severely embellished story or statement. 2.(Adj.)When a lie is being thrusted in The foreground as being the actual truth, these individual(s) are very adamant that the lie that took place was really the truth; usually garnering for belief and compliance of others in earshot of the conversation(s. See:Lie
Vincent kept shootin' me this "Power Ranger" about getting with that sexy girl from the club last night. Everybody that knows him knew he took her ugly friend home last night!

See how this word is being used. Power-Ranger was launched; do to the fact that he kept runnin' his mouth about getting with a sexy girl. In this particular case...everyone knows his steelo. All he ever pulls are UGLY girls.
any man who is stupid enough to fall off a ladder while shingeling a home in the summer, and then accepts a purple glove from his mother and wears it in public.
Hey Nick want a beer? Sure man. Dude! What the fuck is that on your hand? Oh I hurt my wrist, and didn't go to the doctor. What are you a fucking power ranger?
by Bubble Up March 20, 2003
unmoral cartoon that only brainwashed the later generations that were born after the generation of motu and thundercats. it has no sense of moralty of sane prejudge for the supposed episode. Everyone would prefer reading and studing rather than watching that senseless tvshow that filled the mind of people with crap.
person1: yo man, did you saw the new tv series power rangers?
person2: hell no!!, that show is only going to fill everybody minds with crap, better stay away from it.

bit1: man, i saw an episode of power rangers and the theme song got stuck in my head... fuck, what do i do??
bit2: holly shit, hurry up and get in the car, we gotta get you a psicologist and neurologist for that, before your neurons start to rotten.

yo1:sup bro, did ya saw that shitty tv power gayger or something like that show?
yo2:yeah but i dont care for the show, it sucks,but i see the fucking babes on it and i wanna gangbang all of them.
yo1: aright, thats my hommie, im with ya.
by crono cross April 03, 2008
a show that most people from the ages 20-8 were probably addicted toat one point. its a bunch of stupid people in gay suits spazzing out and attacking other people in cheap costumes
power rangers was the shit when i was in kindergaten
by r jizzle July 01, 2005
A children's TV show in which the majority of idiots will say, "It was good around until around season 3." Pay no attention to these bastards because they've probably never seen anything past it. Anyone with a brain who's seen Power Rangers and knows ANYTHING about the Super Sentai series in Japan KNOWS that the original series was not supposed to go on for 3 seasons but rather... 1! YES! 1! And there was a couple series we skipped too because Saban sucked! And they didn't even give the best character in the show (Adam Park) enough screentime! Every series is great.
Power Rangers is a very good series with spectacular martial arts and stuffs.
by Kristy JB May 28, 2007

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