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Typically disposible lighters or any gas cigarette lighter.
"Let's spark up a bowl, gimme that power chez."
"Got Matches?" "We're cool, I got power chez."
by Nefarion August 05, 2006

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bic lighters etc. fire lighters matches
Known As The Perverted,
Under-aged, Douche Bag Of

Popular In The Texas Area,
Very Similar To Most Modern
Youtubers Such As livelavaliva,
Supermac18, And Makemebad35.

His Latest Viral His Is A Video
He Named "The Epic Video"
Hey Did You See Powerchez's New Video?

It's So Hilarious...I Wonder Why His Videos
Only Receive 1000 Views Each....It Should Be More?
by STYoutubeReviewer September 13, 2009