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when you snort cocain off your lovers' (or paid lovers') butt hole.
hannah let me do a powdered donut with her
by boxiom December 22, 2006
81 74
A donut covered in powdered sugar (what is WRONG with you people??!)
For lunch I had a Pepsi and powdered donut.
by Angelacia June 25, 2007
92 25
A large bag of Cocaine.
Powdered donuts make me go nuts.
by Peter Laurence Harris October 23, 2010
40 3
The act of snorting cocaine from someone's anus during drug and sex play.
"Good night last night?"
"You know, the usual. Started soft then got wilder and I ended up giving Sam a powdered donut."
by Slightly Slanted December 07, 2011
5 14
the act of taking ones balls, and dipping them into baking powder, and then tea bagging someone in the eyes. Leaving donut shapes on their eyes.
john just got a powdered donut and it looks pretty tasty.
by Mike, Kevin, Bruce May 26, 2008
10 24
Cum in a girl's face, then shove it into the sand.
After having sex on the beach with that girl, I gave her a Powdered Donut.
by Xan81 July 31, 2011
7 23
After having been at a race/outdoor concert/hunting/other event where you have not showered for several days and your gear begins to get funky you apply baby powder to the front and back. Then you find a willing partner to eat your ass resulting in a ring resembling a powdered donut on their mouth.
Friend 1: Man that was a great race but I'm ready for a shower.
Friend 2: Hell yeah I found some skank to toss me off and left her with a powdered donut.
by T. Stewart October 05, 2008
10 26