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a girl who is crazy at parties, crazy in everyday life, and just crazy in general. the best kind of crazy;) yet they are still hot even though they are defined as a crazy ho.
by thedefinitionofacrazyho April 15, 2011
A single lady (usually neighbor with yippy dog) that watches you with binoculars and waits for you to do something wrong.
Crazy ho: "Your dog just pooped in my yard!!! Go pick it up!!!"

You: "You pick it up crazy ho, it's your yard! And get the fuck out of my house!"
by Blazaman May 16, 2010
Any of a type of female who is born in Germany, raised in various states in the U.S. and on bad family relationships, bad dick, bad drugs, and the occasional delusional sound or sight. Has the tendency to attract men to either fuck them of fuck with their heads. Likes the whole "it's not you, it's me" speech and the "let's just be friends" one also. Watch out....they're usually aries.
u know one probably.....
by cletis July 29, 2004
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