greek word for dick
(masculine - o poutsos)
(feminine - i poutsa)
(neutral - to poutsaki =small dick)
Exo oraio poutso (=I have a beautiful dick)
Katse ston poutso mou (=sit on my dick)
by tom December 04, 2003
Top Definition
Male genital organ, aka dick,cock
Synonyms: Psoli,Poutsa,Kavli,Papari,Tsoutsouna
Tha fas poutso.
Glipse mou ton poutso.
Roufa mori to matzaflari/ti malaperda.
by Fragos December 13, 2003
greek word for cock
glupse mou ton poutso mwrh ksekoliara
by dickhead October 21, 2003
Greek word for penis
"I stuck my poutso in her mouth"
by mike kavli July 21, 2003
greek word for "cock" or "dick" , something like penis but not exactly, much bigger!!!
"piase mou to poutso mori ..."
"auti i ksanthia einai kai poli poutsofliftra!!"
"poutso pali poutso pali, oe oe, poutso pali poutso pali...etc..."
by dimitris!! August 06, 2006
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