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Something that can please women from all walks of life. Only possible from a Greek male. Much like Penis but far superior.
Thelis Poucha; Hey babe, how about some poucha.; More more more poutsa!
by Italian guy September 23, 2004
greek word for penis
Exo megali poutsa
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
It's exaclty the word "DICK" in Greek!

but can be used in many ways!!
Ti petagese san tin POUTSA?
Einai baria baria i POUTSA tou tsolia!
POUTSA pali POUTSA pali oeee oeee!
by John Pap January 07, 2006
it means dick in greek
exo megalo poutsa, ti malakas pou eisai re malaka, exw megali poutsa? ti glossa milas, malaka eisai malakas malaka
by Gamw Ti Poutana Sou August 23, 2009
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