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see manwhore
had sex with many girls during his office days
clinton is such a manwhore
by dickhead January 11, 2005
greek word for cock
glupse mou ton poutso mwrh ksekoliara
by dickhead October 21, 2003
When you get a lump of your poo on your finger, an rub it under someone's nose.
"Hay Sam, I just pootashed that kid so now all he can smell is shite all day."
by Dickhead July 19, 2003
A complete Dickhead
"Narr, I'm a complete dickhead mush, an Sport Soccer has a 50% sale on! Better Tax some stuff before everyone else does."
by Dickhead July 19, 2003
A group of 100,000 people buying useless crap from eachother, and then selling it again to the same moron who sold it in the first place for no reason, just so eBay stock owners make more money.
"Where did you get those pants!?"
"I bought them off eBay"
by dickhead July 26, 2003
greek word for "boobs"
ths Ioannas kai ths Athinas ta mpalkonia twra einai idia
by dickhead October 21, 2003
An homosexual treat.
Ryan ate some balohna with adam and then jumped into bed
by dickhead June 02, 2003
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