I have always thought that if you have a memory - you should also have a forgetery. Maybe that's what the pothole is - the forgetery.

As I get older, I keep losing words. It's like my internal dictionary is broken. Mid-sentence I will stumble and stutter and hope someone can fill in my blanks. For three full years I lost the word for potholes. Even when people told me I quickly forgot. I'd say, "You know those dents in the concrete, where the street sags."

When I told a friend about what happened, he started using the word "pothole" to explain whenever someone is at a loss for words. He says, "Musta dropped it in the pothole."
As I get older I lose my words to the pothole.
by stillonline January 03, 2010
when someone is talking a load of crap that doesn't make any sense, you can ask them to shut their pot-hole, to get them to shut the f up. ex: "shut your face / pot-hole"
"shut your pot-hole!"
by nikkilyy July 24, 2009
An asshole thats high
Hes such a pothole
by Ari Gee February 20, 2014
a pot hole is a pothead who is an asshole.
Man i am glad Steve smoke all of weed with us but that nigga is a pot hole.
by jew c tuatte March 14, 2009
pothead + asshole = pothole
martin is such a stupid pothole
by lindsay21221 August 16, 2007
A hole where people grow pot.
I'm gonna go out to the Pot Hole so we can get to toakin' the roach.
by Kandis June 20, 2004
Going into a k-hole experience whilst under the influence of weed
'Dude I went into a serious pot hole I thought I was dying'
by Trippyboi December 10, 2015
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