Noun. A burn hole in any fabric caused by a burning ember of pot. It could be in your clothing, furniture, automobile upholstery.
I dropped the cherry off my doobie and burned pot holes in my new shirt and the couch.
by temporalwisard October 23, 2007
Person that doesnt fit in.
That sham is some pot hole. Why can't he stop acting the prick
by ghjiuy August 12, 2010
where a stoner hides their pot
I just put my pot stash in a two foot deep pot hole
by bazzzjglyigf March 14, 2010
what do you do when you are driving along and see a pothole? you try to avoid it. Same thing happens when you see a pothole person!

Also see speedhump
'Oh fuck, here comes that stupid pothole, let's go over there so he doesn't see us'

'Damn, Ryan is such a pothole, as soon as he walks up, everyone leaves.'
by stub004 November 06, 2004
An asshole thats high
Hes such a pothole
by Ari Gee February 20, 2014
The sudden and momentary loss of memory caused by an excess of marijuana. Usually short-term, but with long-term pot use, create huge holes in the memory.
He: I was sayin', man... what was I sayin'?

She: You were sayin' something about this chronic, man.
He: I don't remember. I must've hit a pot hole.
by SugarFreeLimeJello December 18, 2010
I have always thought that if you have a memory - you should also have a forgetery. Maybe that's what the pothole is - the forgetery.

As I get older, I keep losing words. It's like my internal dictionary is broken. Mid-sentence I will stumble and stutter and hope someone can fill in my blanks. For three full years I lost the word for potholes. Even when people told me I quickly forgot. I'd say, "You know those dents in the concrete, where the street sags."

When I told a friend about what happened, he started using the word "pothole" to explain whenever someone is at a loss for words. He says, "Musta dropped it in the pothole."
As I get older I lose my words to the pothole.
by stillonline January 03, 2010

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