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A person that smokes pot everyday of every hour of the day Man
Id be smoking Blunts all day long im a Pothead but dont forget theres always a Bong Toking Alcoholic HAHA!
by MiLLHoUsE May 05, 2004
105 89
Someone whos top priority is to smoke weed.
He's the bigest pot head I've ever seen! He's always smoking.
by XGoGoX March 04, 2006
341 174
someone, usually known as a pothead,who hasnt had a hit on weed all day but needs a smoke so bad that they go on this site and relate to every definition on here
guy walks up to other guy on the street:

"yo pothead, why you smokin weed when you could be takin acid or snorting coke lines?"

"no man... i dont do drugs"
by im not telling you July 13, 2006
250 135
a word used by people who don't smoke weed to describe people who do smoke weed. also, people who want to fit in with stoners and have only smoked weed once will call themselves potheads in hopes that people will think they smoke a lot, even though a true "pot head" would never call themselves a "pot head"
i do not call myself a pot head because i actually smoke weed. also, pot heads and crack heads are very different, but people who use the word "pot head" tend to not realize that, and end up calling anybody who smokes anything a crack head.
by krevin April 22, 2007
253 146
Someone who when telling stories of his life makes a great emphasis on how high he and his friends were. Most of the times these stories took place on 4/20 and the words “grav hit”, stash, cops and dank appear in most sentences. A pot head only thinks about weed until they get high and only at this moment they are able to perform tasks in a very slow way. There isn’t anyone out there who is able to forget and lose as much things as potheads do.
Pothead: Dude I’m not addicted to this shit, it’s just that I love it.

(3 hours later)

Pothead: I can’t believe my 8th is over. I’m going down to the Boulevard to pick up some of that sweet dank from Dave’s indoors.
by JayMurray July 24, 2010
107 56
Proper Noun: Sol
n. someone who smokes a lot of weed! about 3-4 times a day
I accused this pothead of smoking weed all day long, and he said "at least it ain't crack!"
by OveRuN November 10, 2002
163 117
someone who smokes larges quatities of marijuana, often is constantly baked and mutter things like i have no idea whats going on right now and what were we just talking about?
dood i am such a f***ing pothead
by god October 13, 2003
149 106
somebody who smokes alot of weed
s.d:mah,dis stuff off the chain!
no:amen,buddy u is a pothead!...u need to quit tha shyt!
by NOEMI March 08, 2005
55 13